Pool Building Process

Building a new swimming pool can revolutionize your property and family time. Even if it is your first time, you can rest assured, that our family at Gulf Coast Pools will do whatever it takes to make this investment a lifelong joy for your family! Check out the slideshow below to watch the building process!


Every great pool starts with a great family wanting a pool unique to their needs! We know how big an investment this is for you! Our first step is to meet with you and discuss a pool design that will enhance your lifestyle! After our meeting, we take all that we learned about you and we present an artist rendering of your pool. Your desires are the most important aspect of this process so we will work with you to provide the best swimming pool for your specific needs, from a simple courtyard pool to a backyard oasis!

Your Pool In 3-D

We have one of the most talented 3-D artists in the state and she uses the latest technology software so you can see your own house and pool in 3-D, complete with sound effects, before construction even begins!

Construction Begins

After you approve the design guaranteed to enhance your lifestyle, we begin clearing your property to start construction on your dream pool. This is when the design moves from planning and dreaming to constructing! Check out this video to see the process live!

Personal Attention

As the construction continues, you can count on our family to be there to make sure the process is running smoothly!

Construction Additions

Did you know, we also offer outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, kitchens, covered patios, and more? During this construction phase, if you added one of these, you will see it begin to construct as well!

Plumbing Begins

Our experts will make sure your pool is at its peak performance. We used state-licensed professionals to make sure your pool is up to standards!


Equipment is added during this time. Don’t worry, we will go over all of it with you! With today’s technology in the industry, you will be excited about all the possibilities for your pool!

Spraying the Pool

This is the part of the process where your pool really takes shape! Our professional experts will be on hand to make sure you are just as excited as we are to see your pool take form when the concrete begins to spray! Check out this video of the process!

Concrete phase

After the spray is dried, the pool’s shape and form is more apparent to the customer.

Tile Choice

We LOVE this next step as your family’s personality will be on display! We will meet in store and on site with our experts to the tile that best suits your taste and pool!

Tile Close Up

This is a close up picture of the tile as it is being put in to your dream pool!

Tile Complete

After we install the tile, the personality of the pool shines through as we begin to see the dream pool come to shape!

Deck Preparation

In this step, our focus turns to the deck and patio areas. Did you know we offer deck stamping, custom concrete stains, etc. We will discuss all of your options before to make sure you are proud of the finished project.

Deck Construction

Our professionals make sure the deck is constructed just as you expect down to the details.

Bottom of pool

Now that the concrete is set, we begin to complete the insides of your pool. We have several colors and finishers available for your pools. As always, we will meet to make sure you get the look that is best with your tile choice.


Once your pool has been filled with water, we will make sure your expectations have been met! We will give you a complete run down of all the features of your pool and celebrate alongside you a job well done! Our relationship doesn’t end here as we are always a phone call away!