Let our Expert Service Professionals get your filter clean and in perfect order today!

Filter cleanings are essential for the health of your pool! Our pool service professionals know the importance of filter cleanings and will work with you to make sure this yearly need is met to your satisfaction. A dirty filter can have a dramatic effect on circulation. The purpose of a pool cartridge filter is to clean your pool water by capturing debris and decontaminates in the folds of the filter. With time these folds will become clogged, water will not flow thru the filter as easily, and pressure within the filter will increase. Operationally, with water flow down, you will not be turning you pool water as frequently and your pool decontaminates will start to build up.

A dirty filter can reduce pump efficiency by up to 80 percent. In other words, circulating your water for 10 hours a day when the filter is dirty is the equivalent of circulating the water for 2 hours a day when the filter is clean. Contact us today to schedule this service. Filter cleanings start at $100.